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Found a mark that has eluded me...


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I just wish it had been intact when I found it. The short story...


I had been eyeing a mark located at the former K.I. Sawyer Air Base. The area was relatively undisturbed, but the description was scant. Several references to the rail line that was moved about 40 years ago when the base was built, and a reference to County Road 553, which was also rerouted about the same time. I did one walk-through of the area, and after consulting topographic maps (1952 series) I found that there were enough remains of both the railroad and the county road that I could get a general search area--and probably pretty specific.


I made some measurements, but made one mistake the first time around, measuring from the edge of the pavement, rather than the center line of the county road, as the datasheet did not specify. The second visit I remeasured, and found the station a foot below ground level (it was flush in 1958) and about 2 feet off from where I had figured the location to be.


For full details and the condition of the station, see my logs for RK0171. Oh, and the metal detector was instrumental in recovering this one. :)

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