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It's not uncommon to encounter them while caching in Florida. We were caching in the Naples area and came upon a shanty-town not far from a busy intersection. I had two small kids with me so we left. It's just another 'situational awareness' thing that you have to keep in mind down there.

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No direct encounter, but I once hid an empty ammo can in a fallen tree in an urban park to test the validity of the site for a cache (you're from Taylor, you may know the park, in Southfield at 10 Mile and Telegraph). When I came back two weeks later, the can was gone and there was a makeshift tent under the tree. I didn't place a cache there.


BTW, the threads you've started in this sub-forum seem to be more suited to General Geocaching Topics than Hiking and Backpacking. You'll get a lot more responses to these questions there.

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