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Paperless caching

Blackjack Bailey
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Please could someone tell me how to use the paperless caching feature? I have tried to make sense of the information on the website, but I find it a bit confusing.


I have a smartphone with Windows Mobile v5.


My favourite way (with the use of a Windows Mobile smartphone) is to download all caches to GSAK (make use of pocket queries and then point GSAK at your maill) www.gsak.net and then export them to .html files. You can then use the the phone's IE or minimo to browse these files which have an index page and find all the cache info (though pictures seem to be a problem).


That or turn on your edge/GPRS connection and go wild! :laughing: It doesn't end up costing that much.

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Hi use gsak on computer then install cachemate on your device available from www.smittyware.com no need to go online all info on phone. :(



I have installed CacheMate onto my Pocket PC (Windows Mobile v5.0), and it is registered.



When I try to import a database file, I get the following messages just after tapping on Start: “Database error: database disk image is malformed” and then “Error saving database record!”.



I have uninstalled CacheMate and reinstalled it. I have also re-exported my GPX file out of GSAK, but the error is still there.



Any ideas as to how I can solve this problem?

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I have downloaded and intalled GpxSonar on my iPAQ and it is great. (and it is free).


Its functions are similar to GSAK and it has the capacity to store your own logs, TBs etc. It stores as many geocaches as you like (as downloaded in a pocket query in GPX format) and makes searching, sorting and filtering easy.


I use SmartGPX for my Nokia mobile phone, which also works well, but is not as good as GpxSonar.


I have not used cachemate, so can not comment on that.


I know that does not answer your question, but that is my experience after a bit of research! :anitongue:

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