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GPXSonar and 700wx

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I just got a 700wx thru verizon and was wondering if anyone else is using one for paperless caching? I had a 700p w cachemate but tons of issues. They switched me to the wx.


If so are you using GpxSonar 1.4? Try any other programs? Will Cachemate work on a verizon 700wx?


Any issues or problems? Any suggestions?

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I'm using v1.5 on my 700wx and it works exactly the same as it did on my old Windows Mobile 2003, which is very well.


I think I had some problem with v1.4, but I can't remember now what it might have been or even if I really did have a problem to begin with.


There's no support for the WM2005 soft keys that I can tell, so you just have to use the stylus.

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