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Garmin Gpsmap 60cx / cxs Accuracy- Comparisons

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Question for you GpsMap 60cx / csx users.


I have a Magellan meridian platinum as well as two meridian golds.

I'm looking to upgrade my gpsr to a Garmin gpsmap 60cx or csx.


My Meridians EPE/Accuracy is quite frequently 7 to 10 feet. I'm in the Atlanta, GA area.

What is the usual accuracy that your experiencing with your GpsMap 60cx / csx?

Also, how close is it getting you to your target waypoint?


Your help is much appreciated.




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I converted from a MeriGold to a 60CSx last year. It took a while to get used to the button layout differences, but I find that the 60CSx gets me to GZ the first time, almost every time, where the MeriGold would let me wander around a bit until I got to the hide area. I consistently get <12ft EPEs, but I usually use the accuracy circle to decide when to stop looking at the GPS and start looking for hollow logs...


One thing that I found is that the 60CSx, and probably other Garmins as well, use the underlying map as part of the accuracy circle. While canoeing along the Canadian border, using the US Topo maps, I found that the accuracy circle widened considerably when I was in "uncharted" Canadian waters, but paddling 20 feet back in the US caused the circle to dramatically decrease in size.

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I don't even have the GPS Map 60Cx/CSx GPSr, but frequently get 8' to 9' accuracy with my Garmin Vista C. Under tree cover, that goes down considerably, which wouldn't happen with the GPS Map60Cx/CSx. My Vista C has worked faithfull for almost two years now. :tired:

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