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Embedding a link in a TB Page

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First of all let me say I know nothing about computer programming, languages etc. having said that my wife and I are starting a series of TB's that we're going to take on vacation with us next month. She saw a page that had a bunch of TB's where they had a chart or table type thing where they had links to the other TB's in the series. She thought that would be cool to do with this series of TB's. I however have no knowledge of how to create a little chart type thing where it would have all the different TB's names that would be a link to their TB page? Does the question even make sense?? If someone can explain in elementary school english how one would create this type of thing I would be very grateful!


Thanks in advance!

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Here you go.


<TABLE border="1">

<TR><TD>Row1, Column1 Content</TD><TD><A HREF="http URL of a link1">Row1, Column2 Link</A></TD></TR>

<TR><TD>Row2, Column1 Content</TD><TD><A HREF="http URL of a link2">Row2, Column2 Link</A></TD></TR>

<TR><TD>Row3, Column1 Content</TD><TD><A HREF="http URL of a link3">Row3, Column2 Link</A></TD></TR>



The above code would create a grid with 3 rows and 2 columns. Column 1 has regular text. Column 2 has links.


Basically, in HTML there are "tags" which format the text. Most tags (there are some exceptions, like line breaks) come in pairs, like matched parentheses, with the closing tags beginning with a front-slash. In a table, rows are delineated by <TR> and </TR> tags, and individual cells are delineated by <TD> and </TD> tags. Links are created with <A href="http://blahblah.com"> and </A> tags, where the href is the web address you want to link to.


If you ever want to see the HTML used to accomplish a certain web page, just visit that page, right-click on the page, and select "View Source". The HTML will then be shown. It may take a little effort to find the correct code snippet, but if you make note of text in the area of the page you want to see, it's easy to search through the HTML source. You can even cut and paste and "borrow" code for your own use, instead of trying to come up with it on your own from scratch.



Hope this helps.

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