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H20c and Memory Cards

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I bought the H2Oc and like it, most of the time it works great, and the stock maps were junk. I live in a smaller town, and too many times I am way off the map, no roads or anything.


I purchased the MapCreate 7, and the maps are great, and most actually line up where things actually are (some boat docks show off by a few feet, but close enough to actually find them in the dark, long story, but that was the main reason I purchased mine, nothing like being lost on a lake at night and not being able to find the boat dock, and a thunder storm moving in.


Well, I went out and bought 2 sandisk 2 gig memory cards, thinking the name was better than bulk. You have to register the memory cards with MapCreate, and I found that the H2Oc does not work with Sandisk.. Now I have 2 cards registered that will not work on my GPS. I used another smaller card, and loaded Ohio onto it, so I still can use it, but after 20 emails from customer support, they tell me they have only checked and used up to 512 meg cards, and Sandisk causes problems and will not work at all in the units.


The manual says up to 4 gigs, and no restrictions on cards.. Great.


Anyone use a different memory card or care to swap for a good 2 gig card that Lowrance dosen't like? What cards do you use in your Lowrance? My SD cards have been used to load the maps, then fail loads on the GPS, but format and work fine in my camera (I use a 4 gig Sandisk in it) so I have no other use for these 2 2gig cards.


Darrell in Ohio

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Actually I was once told by Lowrance that SanDisk was their preference. I use Sandisk cards in all my devices because I think they are better quality.


Your problem is most likely the size. This Thread on my forum has reports from people who tried different cards in their units. One poster there reported 2GB not working, but 1GB working fine.


As for MapCreate, unless they have changed it, uninstall and re-install, and all 5 cards should be available once again. I haven't used version 7 so I'm not positive.

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This probably isn't exactly what you want to hear, but I've used or am using the following:


Lowrance Explorer + SanDisk 256MB + MapCreate 6.3 Topo

Lowrance Expedition C + SanDisk 512MB + MapCreate 6.3 Topo


I haven't had any problems at all with my setups. I'm just posting to offer my experience, as I don't know of any reason why the 2GB SanDisks won't work in your H2O. They certainly should . . .

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