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Right. Muggles is a word from the Harry Potter books. A muggle in the books meant a person not part of the magical community.


In geocaching, a muggle is anyone you encounter while geocaching whos not part of the the "magical" geocaching community. When a muggle is near, you usually suspend your search because your "abnormal" behavoir of searching through bushes and under rocks may be suspicious to a muggles eyes.

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Exactly. The term was indeed taken from the Harry Potter novels, you'll hear them also referred to simply as "Muggles."


They're non-geocachers. Muggles can watch one searching for an urban hide and become increasingly curious (or concerned!) about the activity. Muggles can also accidentally find caches, which has varying results: some take the cache or otherwise destroy it, others are drawn to geocaching because of it. One muggle wrote a lovely note in a cache I found.


In other words, like people (which of course they are), muggles run the gamut of human behavior.


-- Jeannette

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