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WI_Robin personal geocoin

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Can one get confirmation that you have received the coins one has sent back? :) I didn't send it registered mail so... Please let me know one way or the other. I sent them a couple weeks ago. I can PM my name and address if y'all need 'em.


Thanks, CF30


I'll look tomorrow in the basket and see if yours are in there! It would be helpful for you to either email or PM me your name and or address!


Thanks much!


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Are the old activated coins that we had to return ever going to be removed from our owned coins list?


My answer would be I don't know. I would guess not since Groundspeak would have to manually remove them and it wouldn't be worth the trouble. I will see if I can get a definative answer.


FYI if anyone has a WI_Robin coin and they are wondering if it is on old one (that has a bad tracking number) or a new one, the prefix on the new one is WR. That was done so it would be very clear which coins are the good ones and which ones still need to be replaced. If you have a WI_Robin coin and the tracking number does not start with WR please send it back to The Caching Place for replacement.

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