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What were they thinking?

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When I did my first real hike with geocachers; Moun10Bike, Hazard, TotemLake, UWDawg, and others, one guy showed up in cotton pants, a Badass Coffee Company cotton t-shirt and a wooden stick. He even had an old military ALICE pack!


Sheesh, what a maroon.

I remember that day well. Cotton jeans, cotton blend shirt, polyester baseball cap, 132 oz water for my dog and I and no water filter to work with. I kept bringing the rear up so many times I think mine was even ahead of me. Oh yah... cotton jean jacket. Running low on water at the turn around point and ran out 4 miles from the trailhead. Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink if it were not for the good samaritans on the trail. One of two hikes that taught me not to go without a water filter. I called Criminal to let him know I had gotten off the trail ok at abotu 4:30 PM; I think about an hour or more behind everybody else. It took me 4 days to recover enough to walk without a cane.


And a week later fighting over the Moun10bike coin all in cotton, good thing you can't see the kid's backpack. Wait a minute I still wear those shorts! I did have my filter water bottle along though.


The only long hikes I'd done before were when I was a kid with my family I'm sure glad some maroon convinced me that I could do it. You can't keep me out of the back country now.



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