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Request: Event New Date


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On the cache listing pages, when an event is on there it has the little new3.gif sign next to it until after the event has occurred. Now, the way I check for new cache listings is this: The link from my profile that goes to all listings from my home location, but filtering out finds is bookmarked. I click on that, and if I notice a gap between the placed date and the description at the top of the listings I know that a new cache has been placed, because the gap is created by the new3.gif image there.


However, there is now an event on the page. Not to be taken as lazy or anything, but it's an inconvenience to have to check the page instead of just looking for the gap. The event has been listed for 2 weeks now, but it's still shown as new, and will be until after it.


Put shortly, I think that for event caches, and possibly by extension all caches, the new3.gif image should be there based on the date the cache was published, not the date placed.


NOTE: I am currently a premium member, and I do get notifications, but that's how I did it and how I will do it again when my subscription runs out in a couple of weeks.


Holy cow, my grammar is terrible. <_<

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