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Posting Corrected Coords


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We all know that there is a log type for posting corrected coordinates on traditional caches, and that a reviewer would get involved (at least if the move were far enough).


We know that the position of the cache has a 528 foot radius of no other hides.


When a puzzle cache is placed, one must inform GC of the real cache location by submitting a hidden waypoint.


I had to move one of these type caches recently, and changed the coord of the hidden waypoint, but wondered if GC should be notified of the change, and how to notify them. Posting corrected coord would not work, as it would change the posted coord, not the cache coords.


Any ideas?

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I've not tried it, but can you simply change the coordinates of the hidden waypoint for the final?


That I did, but would GC notice this change? Or would someone be able to put another cache very near the NEW hide? (and still not be able to be near the OLD hide).

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Thank you for updating that waypoint.


The coordinates you've changed are in the database. Your hide is protected. There's no notification. And the old coords have disappeared. They won't block anything.

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