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Database Install Scheduled for Next Week

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It's been a while since we have done an update.


The new database is now installed at Internap alongside our current database we use for Geocaching.com. We're in the process of installing a backup copy of the Geocaching.com database so we can do some upgrade testing. Once this happens we'll be applying our latest patch of Geocaching.com which includes some new features. From there we'll test the site in a staging environment to make sure it is running happily.


If everything goes well by Tuesday we'll make a decision whether we'll go ahead and do the actual conversion on Wednesday evening. If that's the case there will be some downtime. During the downtime we'll have a single page up letting you know how long it may take. However upgrades can range quite a bit so don't hold us to a definite completion time!


It's good news all around. We're now in the design stage of the V2 version of the web site. So far we have documented the features of Geocaching.com so we don't miss anything in the new design! We've also documented Waymarking.com since the back end will be running identical code. That means that new features on either site will be implemented. It also means that we'll be able to share data across the different web sites so you can, say, download geocaches and waymarks at the same time!


All of the v2 work is a much longer process. We don't expect to have anything until early next year. In the meantime we'll continue to tweak Geocaching.com and provide new ways to speed up the web site.

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