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virtual event

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Hello everybody,

I know that gc is not a big supporter for virtuals, but this is

not a thread about a new virtual cache... it is more the idea

of a new kind of virtual event.


A "normal" event only offers the local geocaching-community

the oppurtunity to attend. But with a virtual event everyone

may join it, even if he/she is thousand miles away from You.

Only fast internet access is needed, but this shouldn´t be

a problem nowadays. There are quite many virtual platforms

around (e.g. second life), and when You have Your own server

than this meeting could be held up in total privacy, so no muggles

are disturbing :cool:


I already held up a virtual geocaching event in april, and if somebody

wants to follow up on this idea, I will be glad to give access to my coin:


Happy caching, Mic@

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If you log a bogus virtual log on a TB, or offer your own TB up for virtual logging you will risk having that TB page locked forever. This means, if you never saw a bug, but got the bug number and you log it, that bug is in risk of being taken out of the game. Don't do this to TB owners who inadvertently might post a photo, or someone else posts a photo, of their TB number. Don't log it virtually. It's considered abuse of the system. And it's not fair play.


This thread is informational only and is not meant to be replied to, therefore it is locked

Updated 10/31/06


This post has been edited by Eartha: Oct 31 2006, 10:26 AM

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