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This is probably a newbie question, but I couldn't find the exact answer in the GSAK Help file.


I downloaded about 800 caches via LOC files for my province. I'm upgrading my membership to obtain more information ie. GPX files. I've made notes on various caches I've either found, or couldn't find but attempted and I'm concerned about re-loading the caches via GPX files.


Will re-loading these caches overwrite my notes? I know I will gain info, but will I lose anything?

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I don't know the exact answer to your question... but I don't think it will overwrite user notes. Since you are rightly concerned, just copy your database and try importing the GPX file on the new copy to find out. Even if you loose your notes, the ability to get pocket queries is a huge jump in making caching easier.

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Thanks for the quick reply's folks! I've been hunting with a GPS, dog, a hope and prayer and just a coordinate ..... lol .... Nothing else. No surprise to hunt through 3 ft of snow for an hour only to find out later the cache is under some brush ....


GPX files will certainly give me more info ....... thanx

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