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Hand Of Fatimah Geocoin

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Interesting ... I bought a couple of HOF GC off an online auction site - you all know the one - than a friend gave me another as a gift.

I Googled "hand of fatimah" and found this thread and just read through it ...


I think people throw the word 'ironic' around too much, but here goes:


Don't you all think it IRONIC that the Hand of Fatimah symbol is believed to bring good luck, abundance and patience?


I guess it is good luck that TRD recovered from what was ailing her and that despite varying degrees of patience the coins were eventually delivered! Just my 2c worth.




BTW I will be releasing one into the wild, keeping one, therefore have one in surplus ... if anyone feels agrieved by what has happened feel free to contact me and I will send it to them FREE as a gesture of goodwill and humanity, and to prove that Aussies are all (well, mostly) good people.


TRD - how is caching in the west? I love WA and will be visiting in the next year or two to check out caching there.




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