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Hand Of Fatimah Geocoin

Team Red Devil
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I also have the Number 100 coin available. I will be taking bids for this- if there's enough interest I'll ebay it, or if someone makes a dadgum good offer beforehand- I will sell it.


There were only 100 of these made- they will never be made again. No other metals, no other releases. 100 Worldwide.


Thats it. So if you would like to get your hands on the 100 coin- I'm open to offers!



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Please- if anyone doesn't get coins and you paid me- please please please email me through GC.com, and I'll try and find your payment details and get your coins to you.


Not in order, the numbers that are left are as follows: 097, 098, 060, 030,006, 007, 093, 010, 005, 075, 077, 002, 070, 003, 040, 013, 024, 048, 066, 069, 087, 011, 090, 046, 028, 021.


So if you were meant to get any of those numbers- please let me know before I give these to ThreeBlindEyes for sale.


Please- as soon as your coin shows up- PLEASE post here!

My coin has not yet shown up, but I assume it's coming from Australia so it might take a bit longer. If it doesn't appear in a reasonable amount of time, I can supply you with payment details. In addition, my name is part of the list on post 27 in this thread.


I strongly suggest that you not turn those 'extra' coins over to anybody for sale until the original purchasers of these coins have received what they paid for, no matter how long it takes. We've all certainly waited long enough, so I think you can wait to sell them.


Sorry to be less than polite about this, but I'm very tired of paying for geocoin 'stuffs' that never arrive. Luckily, it's only happened twice so far, and I have hopes that maybe one of them might work out . . . that would be this one. Sadly, the other was more expensive than this. :laughing:

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How long does mail from Oz to the US usually take? I'm so excited that they're all gone to their homes! I can't wait to hear that they've all gotten where they need to go.


Its only been 4 working days since they were posted- so I guess I just have to sit and be patient. But by the Gods I wish they would hurry up!

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OMG, I just got this coin in the mail today and was completely baffled as to where it came from. I emailed the sender (TRD) and they informed me that I had paid for it back in 4/07. I had totally forgotten all about it and had obtained another through you-know-where. So, I guess I too can claim receipt for a coin (number 033). Sorry to hear of all your troubles. The ebb and flow of life can be a bit offsetting at times.

Thanks, Lauri

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So glad they're starting to hit land.


Lauri, I am glad you got your rightful coin. As it is- I believe there is at least one person out there who's going to end up with two free coins- as they posted a chargeback, and I think that the package may have gone out as they were all packed. I didn't double check as I was in such a rush to get them out of my hands.


Lets see if someone is honest enough to return them, seeing as my honesty has been questioned- I'd be interested to see if they're going to be honest and send them back.


I can't wait to hear who else has theirs- I can't wait till everyone has them..I love them- I hope everyone else does too.

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I can't wait to hear who else has theirs- I can't wait till everyone has them..I love them- I hope everyone else does too.


Am eagerly awaiting to see if my hands will reach my hands... :blink: ... :unsure: Cant wait, cuz one of them was for my mamma!

Did you get my email for the #007 coin??? I have traders A plenty or I will even buy it if need be and I aint bought no coins for awhile! :D

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Jul 31 2007, 11:03 PM' post='2994420']

Some good news.


All coins still outstanding will be sent today or tomorrow.


Our house sale finally went through, and Marie is doing much better for those who have sent well wishes.


I promise you will all get your coins, I have been out of work for more time than I care to think about, which has made distribution hard, as the coins ended up costing more than we had anticipated, and we've been paying for postage out of our own pockets.


Everyone who's coins are still here will be sent in the next 24 hours.


Thankyou for your patience, and I hope that upon our next coins release (now that we know what NOT to do) you are not deterred from our coins.

Marie has put in a lot of work into them, and she would be devastated if they didn't sell.


Anyway, off to the post office for me....what a bizarre day its been.





I wouldn't be too offended that your honesty has been questioned. I would be very grateful that there are so many who have not blasted you. This group of people are happily accepting the coins they paid for over a year ago. If you lose two because you accidentally sent two to the wrong location, I wouldn't worry about it. In fact, if it were me, I probably would have dropped an extra in each package remaining to make up for keeping the money and the coins for so long.

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I didn't keep the coins, or the money for so long- thats just it.


We sent the coins we had in our possession, and the rest were handed to another team to send (along with the money to post them). Due to my illness, and other family factors, neither myself nor my husband came into the forums- we thought it was all taken care of.(When you're in hospital in the state I was in its a bit hard to type, let alone care about anyone else) and it was not until ThreeBlindEyes randomly drove past my house and there I was- that he told me the coins had not gone out, and that I needed to check the forum....so I did- and I chased down the team that had them that very night- 4:28am they were delivered to me by the other team- and ThreeBlindEyes and I posted them that day. TBE can testify to how upset I was- I had to hide tears from him when I thought about all of you cachers who thought I was a flake and had run off with your money and coins.


I blasted the team who had them- who had no excuse for not sending them - he couldn't tell me why they hadn't been sent.


I never wanted this to happen- as I said- I was under the impression they'd all been sent and were gone.

I don't see why someone who didn't pay for the coins should get them- the chargeback was NOT due to any of this- they changed their mind- just after I got the original delivery of the coins- so if they were some disgruntled cacher- I could understand- but someone who changed their mind?


Without costing me a whole lot more money- I couldn't not have given people more coins- all the packages were sealed, addressed and ready to go when I retrieved them from the team- as I had done so myself before handing them over originally- so all they had to do was send them. And I'll reserve my right to try to sell the remainder of the coins- unfortunately because of my illness, and ongoing therapy my family is quite deep in debt. If they sell, they sell...if not- then I'll have some cool cache swag to drop into caches once I start caching again.


I don't expect everyone to forgive me - but I want to assure anyone who is interested that I did NOT intend for this to happen this way, and that had I even thought I couldn't trust the people I gave the coins to I would have given them to TBE, or someone else. I can't change the fact I made the decisions I did, but believe me when I say that things and priorities change when you are faced with your mortality- and I apologise for the mess I've made, and that I hope that the caching community will allow me to try and redeem myself however they see fit.


You, the community- tell me how to make up for this mess- what more can I do to earn back your trust?

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Checked the mail today, and saw a mailer. Hmm... I don't know of any coins that I should be expecting right now. I mean, I have a couple on pre-order, but they won't ship until next month. Team Red Devil? Australia? Still noth... wait a sec! Whoo-Hoo!!!! I'd all but forgotten about this coin. I'm so glad to have received it after so long!


I'm glad everything has worked out, and that you are feeling better. I also apologize for myself, if any anger seeped into my messages.


Thank you for all your work in getting this coin back and mailed to all those people that didn't receive them.


And, you can 'make it right' by selling me another.


Just don't take more than a year to get it to me this time. :angry::)

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PJ- I assure you- I don't care if I get my head cut off- I'll be posting everything myself from now on!


I'm so glad you love the coin!!


To address everyone who is emailing about me at the moment- I should have been better about wording and to whom exactly my 'honesty' comment was aimed at. The particular team who sent a chargeback about a week after their purchase- changing their minds about the coin- he bought it for his wife, and she apparently didn't like it- so...I agreed to let him charge it back- knows me personally, and had the gaul to come in here and say some not so nice things about the situation, claiming they hadn't got their coin blah blah blah- when in fact they'd had their money refunded.


I was directing the comments at them- but I can see how it looked to everyone else. I apologise, and assure you that unless you are that team- the comment was not made to you!

I understand how it might have looked from the outside- so I understand why people thought I'd skipped with the money and coins.

Again, I apologise.

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i got mine.



You, the community- tell me how to make up for this mess- what more can I do to earn back your trust?


without speaking too much of my mind, i'd like to say i hope you have learned a lesson about selling a product. as you saw, illness can severely impact a business transaction, and i am glad to see you are better and sincerely hope you continue to get and stay healthy, but purely from a consumer standpoint, it was very very very discouraging to not get any sort of response to my numerous emails regarding the coins. others have said that they tried over and over to contact you with no luck either. i understand completely if you can't check email in the hospital, and that coins were the farthest thing from your mind when you were ill, but again i hope you understand how all of us felt not knowing what was going on and not being able to talk to you for soooooo long. we even saw that there was activity on your geocaching account, but still no email responses or replies. i hope you can see how so many of us were able to think scary things had happened to our money that we sent you.


i'm not expecting a response to this, i just feel that since you asked, i needed to explain some of the feelings experienced by at least myself and i'm sure others.


again, i am sincerely glad to hear that you are doing better, and i thank you for sending the coins, even if it did take a year its better than never!


- Jeff

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I would be interested as to who was logging in to our account as no one knows the password but me. Very very weird. One reason to change the password I think.


Thankyou Jeff for your comments. I appreciate it. And I understand. I was literally at deaths door- we thought I was going to die. So yes, geocoins were the last thing on my mind. I have certainly learned who I can and can't trust and if I ever do this again, I intend on doing many things differently.

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A little bit of OZ reached my door # 74 ... I was really surprised.

I don't know the history but just as when a travel bug or a traveling geocoin resurfaces and comes back to life it gives you some extra joy. Thanks Lauren and Team Red Devil I am glad you were able to complete the project. Cheers!

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I would be interested as to who was logging in to our account as no one knows the password but me. Very very weird. One reason to change the password I think.


No, there is no-one hacking into your account, rather Woletrap was mentioning that by checking at your "homepage"/profile on GC (http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?id=308723) it shows a "last visit" time which is generated when your account is accessed. That is all that one can see. Obviously other members of Team Red Devil did access your account (with the passwords), so this doesnt mean that YOU were actually accessing it.


Good to see coins in hands and hopefully some closure for all.



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If you were someone who bought a coin/s from me- PLEASE let me know if you changed address in the past 12 months.


All the coins should be close to fully delivered- I'm surprised there still are some undelivered.


Is it normal for them to take about two-three weeks postage?


Got mine last week. Thanks!

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If you know these teams, or are these teams can you contact me please:



bagaValerie (unsure of team name)


Kathleen Mc (unsure of team name)






Team Oleomi



If you are one of these teams, and you have your coins- PLEASE let me know. I am trying to make sure all coins are accounted for.




PJ, Sweetlife- so glad they're there and all is well. Ecstatic that you love them!

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