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Invisible SHIELD Screen Protector - Wow!


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I just bought a couple for my Palm T/X and my Delorme PN-20 going on the rave reviews of everybody on this forum. I Hope I like as much as I think I will... :huh::huh::huh:


I went for a hike the other day with my Vista HCx and had it in my pocket alone. I was astounded to find the screen marred with patches of micro scratches that make reading it difficult. Does anyone know if the is replaceable under warranty?


I am ordering a shield for it today though when I tried previously to use Belkin screen protectors made for my Palm and cut to fit but the bubbles and plastic itself made the screen hard to read.


Someone mentioned Macguires PlasticX to fix the screen, any other polishes known?

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i know this thread is old but i wanted to add my two cents...


i have had the shield on two previous phones, my current iphone (which i HIGHLY recommend those who have an iphone to get the app, especially if your current gps doesnt allow for paperless caching, i have found that if you're good enough you can use the compass to nav if you dont happen to have your gpsr on you, i digress) and will be putting it on my 60csx...


the ONLY problems i have incurred have been with the installation and getting it 'just right' (but i am somewhat of a perfectionist)... other than that... i have installed it on 3 devices over the past 2.5 years.


and for those who are curious i, wanting to know after reading through this thread, just pulled off the shield from one of the phones mentioned that is not in use anymore and it came off like a charm. that shield has been installed since late 2007. i did have a little adhesion seperation but with the pulled off protector you can use the leftover adhesive to pull it up... worked for me.

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I just found this thread, and it is exactly what I was looking for. I just placed my InvisibleShield order, and used a 20% off coupon I found here http://www.retailmenot.com/view/zagg.com. Took a few bucks off the price, which paid for the standard shipping. After having a less-than-ideal experience with a screen protector I purchased on eBay, I am optimistic that this will be the answer - received my Oregon 550 yesterday, I love it, and I don't want any scratches on that baby! Thanks to all for sharing their experiences....

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