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Planning a trip to Canada


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if you want to go native, folks up there are apt to write




which translates to TNLN- TFTC


most of the time they'd just as well have you write your log in english so you can write a proper interesting log.


i certainly welcome people from away to write logs on my caches in the language of their choice. i can get it translated later.


the only real impediment to foreign language caching is going to be your (or your translator's) failure to understand idiomatic phrases used to warn you of poison ivy and to tell you where to park. and hints.


lucky for you in many parts of quebec they speak english just fine and mostly don't mind doing so provided you're from the us. do not get yourself stranded at a tim horton's out in longueil; it will be a long time before your order comes out right.


i remember thinking: why, oh, WHY did i learn about literature and grammar when i should have been learning the names of the different kinds of doughnuts?

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