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Now that was weird; it didn't post. Let's try this again:


I've noticed a few TBs that have a "states visited" checklist. I presume they're ones that have all gone through the same person, but I could be wrong. Is there a template lurking somewhere that I can print out? I have a few TBs at the moment that have goals of visiting all 50 states, etc (this seems to be a common goal). It would be handy to have that print-out to check off and send along with them.

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've been sending out my 50 States Bug series for the past three years. My last 16 bugs I made wood tags, with 2 sides available for each cacher to write the state he dropped it off in.


Funny you should mention; I think I have one of yours (and nearly forgot to log that I do - whoops). I guess I'll take your advice and write that it's been to CT, and bring it off to a new exotic locale next week.


I'm still curious about the "states visited" tag, though. Surely someone must know what I'm talking about and could send along a template.

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