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I want to make an underwater cache

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GeeLetcha, this question pops up every so often. Do a search for "underwater", "submerged" and "scuba" and you'll get several good ideas regarding container types and methods. I'm working on one that will be a doubled up heavy duty ziplock, inside a lock-n-lock, inside an ammo can, submerged with a mushroom anchor. A second option I'm considering is making it a multi by engraving the final coords on a chunk of plastic cutting board, and submerging that, hiding a regular ammo can in the woods nearby.

Good luck!

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I had a similar idea, only it involved a ground anchor that was well-hidden with a strong, hard-to-see cord attached (maybe bundled magician's thread -- I never tried to figure it out) that ran underneath some sort of brush or sand and into the water, with the cache itself submerged. The person would have to find the anchor if they wanted the cache, but the actual find wouldn't require swimming -- just a swift tug and the ability to hide it again without the cord being seen.

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We had one here in Sydney a while ago. Made from poly down pipe, sealed and screw lid. Whilst it was waterproof as it had swaps in it. It did not last long, the sealed end got cracked by the large weight in the bottom, plus, it was attached to the anchor chain of a marker buoy, and the chain was starting to wear a grove into the poly pipe, so it would have lost integrity pretty quickly I think anyways.


I am thinking of putting one in the same spot, but log only, similar to a divers slate where you only need a pencil to write on the pages of the slate etc.


Much easier than the huge swim back to shore with something that weighed a few kg and then back out again.

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