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Kiwicaching Association of New Zealand


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New Zealand now has an Association run by Kiwicachers for Kiwicachers. :)


Please visit the Kiwicaching Association of New Zealand Incorporated.


The Association was incorporated on 01 February 2007 and membership is open to all New Zealand Residents and Expatriates.


Guests are always welcome.


Don't take this the wrong way, me old mate, but I have a problem regarding this site. :D


Everytime I enter the forums on kiwicaching I fall into a deep restful sleep. I told a few caching friends about this, and they said to send them a link to it, which I duly did.


Yup, you guessed it Mr Custer, they too fell into deep restful sleeps.


Any suggestions?


Also, on a side note, are there so many moderators because most of the time they are sleeping?




Cam :)

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I have had a few emails regarding the above post.


The comment was said in Jest, abit of friendly ribbing. I can see how it could be taken as being rather rude :D


No offence was intended to The General, or anyone involved in the site.


I would also like to say, its great to see someone take the time, effort and cash to help the caching community in New Zealand.


The site is full of good info, and if nothing else, the post and the kiwicaching address has been bumped up from the bottom of the threads for more to see.






Hopefully i'll be able to sleep tonight!

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