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First Italian Baby Geocoin


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Hi all,


Next week will be released the First Italian baby geocoin, that is also the First official geocoin from www.geocaching-italia.com.


One the front side there is a 3D picture of Nicole, the most important member of "The 'Nicole' Team". On the back side there is the logo of the italian website and the "tracking at www.geocaching.com" label, followed by the tracking number. The coin has its own icon, we have minted only 275 coins, 25 Twotones, 50 Antique Gold, 75 Antique Silver and 125 Silver.


While I am in the process of a website restyling, I have set up a temporary page with the final sample (not artwork) of all the 4 different samples and the numbers. You can see that at: Nicole's Geocoins


The prices shown are the one from the store where they are available, that is Geocoinshop.de. Feel free to contact me at geocaching@kazuma.net for any further information.



[CnK] The 'Nicole' Team

Chikka, Nicole & Kazuma

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Maybe they aren't for sale yet? Went to the web site and the coin didn't come up! <_<


Yes, I apologize. I haven't the offical day yet, but the minter told me thay will be out during next week (the one starting Feb. 12).


Sorry for not mentioning that.




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