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Valentine's Cache

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As I've been pondering what to get Ducky for Valentine's Day, I've come up with a number of the "usual" ideas. Flowers, chocolate, PJ's, etc. Then today it came to me! Why not give her these things, but instead of handing them to her, make her go find them. Place a temporary cache, print out the caching sheet (she rarely looks on the site, I print them out and we go from there), and away we go! Best of all, we can be the FTF, on her very own cache!


I'll have to find some sort of neat container, so that she can keep it, of course. I've got a great place in mind. It's the site of an old log cabin and has a bit of history with my neighbors (the next-next door neighbor's mother grew up there, and now lives about a mile down the road from it.) I have permission to wander about back there, but it's still private property, and so I doubt I'll ever get to put a cache there. So this works perfectly!


Best of all, if we time it right, the back of the old home site is on top of a hill that overlooks the river bottoms, and it's a perfect place to watch a sun set!


Yep, that'll be part of her Valentine's gift, her very own cache.

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Great idea. My husband did that for me a year ago at Christmas, where I had to follow a series of micros in the forest behind our house to get the coordinates leading to my gift. I don't even remember what the gift was, but I will aways remember the fun of hunting for it. Well, except for the one dnf that he had to help me with, once he stopped laughing so hard at my ineptitude. Film canister in a woodpecker hole :unsure:.

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