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Magellan Software CD/DVDs

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Whats the difference between the two (MapSend and MapSend Topo). I bought the Magellan 210 Outdoor bundle, and installed the MapSend Topo software. Do I need to install the MapSend software on the other DVD?


On the MapSend software DVD, there is a newer version of MapSend Topo3d, can I install this without any issues? The version that came with the unit was 1.00, the version on the software CD is 1.5.

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"MapSend" is the general name Magellan uses for its line of land-based software products. So there are things like MapSend DirectRoute, MapSend TopoUSA, MapSend Topo3D, MapSend Streets & Destinations, etc. I am guessing that by "MapSend," you are referring to the DVD that contains several software applications. Perhaps you mean DirectRoute, in which case the answer is that DR lacks contour data but has the ability to calculate turn-by-turn street routing.


You would have to buy an unlock code to use the Topo3D on the DVD. The only differences are that the 1.5 had more restrictive copy protection scheme, and the capability of communicating directly with the Explorist. The maps and other features are the same. The unlock code will cost something like $99--I'd stay with 1.0.

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