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nOOb questions about software and Venture Cx

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Please help! I got a wonderful Christmas present and have enjoyed caching so far. I recently got USB cables for my Venture Cx; downloaded and installed all the Garmin updates for the Venture Cx. I have also downloaded EasyGPS and GSAK. When my GPSr is connected to my computer, it appears in “My Computer” as an accessible drive so I can add files to it. However when I try to receive files from the GPSr with either GSAK or EasyGPS, it says not connected. Is there something I am missing?


Also, I want to purchase map programs but can’t currently afford ver 8. Can anyone tell me if the auto routing features of my GPSr will function with older versions? Also if I was to buy ver 4 from Ebay, would it be so old as not to be useful, or need a password for installation?



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Your GPS should function with, for example version 7 (I believe autorouting too), but I would actually recommend saving up and then buying version 8 for two reasons. 1) The map data has been significantly updated and contains more detailed POI's etc. 2) Should you want to upgrade in the future to say v9, the upgrade DVD will require a v8 unlock code.

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