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Ipaq or Axim for paperless geocaching?

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Hi guys, another newbie here with newbie questions. I want to get into paperless caching and was thinking about a pocket pc. I was thinking about a palm unit but after some research and emails to a member here I think I want more than a PDA has to offer. There are several Dell models to choose from but way more HP models out there. I will more than likely use ebay and have begun to look. I know I want WiFi, sync capability, sd card expandability and multi media capability as it will be used for a little more than geocaching. Right now my GPSr is a Garmin legend but would like to upgrade in the future to one I can transfer GPX files to/from the ppc.


What would you recommend and possibly include what you have that works best for you would be great info.

As you can see I am using ebay and the purchase will probably be a few weeks from now, basically I'm trying to keep it $200 or less. Thanks.

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I had a Dell Axim X3i before I started geocaching, so naturally, I'm using that. I use Easy GPS to read the Pocket Queries from the website, then synch the Easy GPS file over to the Dell. Works great! It's a few years old now, so you can find them for less than $200 on eBay.


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I know I want WiFi, sync capability, sd card expandability and multi media capability


All Pocket PCs have sync and multi media capability, and all the ones from at least the past couple years have sd card expandability. You probably should make sure it has at least the Pocket PC 2003 operating system or newer to ensure that a full range of software will work. You might want to consider bluetooth if you are going to connect a GPS because the vast majority of receivers communicate via bluetooth. I'd steer away from a 200 mhz processor if I could, and go for at least 300 -- 400 is better, especially if you're using multimedia and other processor-intensive tasks.


I'd say you can't go wrong with an ipaq or a dell. Typically, the Dells offer more features for a cheaper price, but I haven't eBayed for one of these things in a long time.


Some considerations for caching. Pocket PCs are very fragile and vulnerable when dropped or used in inclimate weather. You can get an otterbox or similar, but they cost a decent bit. The battery life on a Pocket PC is only a few hours, and you can't use standard alkaline batteries. You could buy a second battery or a battery converter that does use alkalines, but they cost money, too. Also, a Pocket PC + GPS is quite a bit to carry around. Not trying to talk you out of it because there are some great mapping solutions and the such that are available, but just offering a penny or two.

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