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  1. Ok, sounds good, but how do I do this?
  2. Did you install EasyGPS on your new PC, or just copy over the files? Yes installed EasyGPS from the website Topografix
  3. Ok, I just bought a new computer and downloaded a .loc file. EasyGPS doesn't recognize. I check properties and says it's HTML. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Currently serving, active duty US Army. 19D3O, Scouts Out! Returned from year long deployment to Iraq on 1 Dec 06.
  5. Are there other phone cameras that do better? I guess I wouldn't buy a phone if I wanted a good digital camera. My Motorola phone has no flash, and only does 640x480 with pathetic light metering capabilities. Only zoom is digital zoom, which is completely worthless. The camera wasn't a consideration when I bought the phone. It's a fun toy, and I've actually used it a couple times when I forgot the *real* camera. I got this model because of the external antenna jack. My wife has the new LG Env. It has 2mp camera with zoom and a flash with red eye reduction, along with some limited photo editing tools. Granted it doesn't have the fancy features as the Iphone, but there are definatly better camera phones.
  6. All I can find on that site is vehicle nav units?
  7. You can get a Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx wich has autorouting capabilities but is an excellent geocaching unit also. But I wouldn't get it for dedicated vehicle navigation uses as it is a hand held unit with a small screen. I have a NavMan Icn530 for my car and a Garming Etrex Legend for geocaching. For my budget, I love this combo. The Navman was less than $300, has autorouting/re-routing, sd card slot, and large 3.5" color touch screen stylus pen, can search by address.....alot of features dedicated to navigate the streets. The Legend is rather basic but was less than $150 and is perfect for geocaching, especially a newbie like myself. There are a lot of people here with much knowledge, and I'm sure they will chime in soon.
  8. ONIX200 Features: 160 x 240 16 level grayscale screen Store up to 500 waypoints, store up to 20 routes WAAS enabled Downloads, displays and georeferences satellite photography Screen layering SafeTrack battery conservation mode HOT button operation Waterproof to IPX7 Audible alarms 32MB memory 128MB of SDRAM Sunlight readable LCD screen http://www.basspro.com/servlet/catalog.Tex...t=SearchResults I for one like the fact that I purchased my Garmin and was ready to go out of the box.
  9. Hi guys, another newbie here with newbie questions. I want to get into paperless caching and was thinking about a pocket pc. I was thinking about a palm unit but after some research and emails to a member here I think I want more than a PDA has to offer. There are several Dell models to choose from but way more HP models out there. I will more than likely use ebay and have begun to look. I know I want WiFi, sync capability, sd card expandability and multi media capability as it will be used for a little more than geocaching. Right now my GPSr is a Garmin legend but would like to upgrade in the future to one I can transfer GPX files to/from the ppc. What would you recommend and possibly include what you have that works best for you would be great info. As you can see I am using ebay and the purchase will probably be a few weeks from now, basically I'm trying to keep it $200 or less. Thanks.
  10. Garmin Etrex Legend NavMan Icn530 vehicle navigation
  11. http://www.tigergps.com/loifgo2pohag.html Lowrance iFinder GO2 $86, cheapest new unit I've seen with mapping capability and 64mb memory. Also iFinder GO has maps but 32mb memory for $67
  12. I have recently downloaded GSAK but all my waypoints download in .loc format not GPX. GSAK can't recognize .loc. Is there a way to convert these to GPX so I can use GSAK to manage my waypoints?
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