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I have found a few caches but got busy working and haven't been keeping up. My wife asked the other night about going to hunt some others. We are going to Tennessee and would like to look on the way and while we are up there. I have seen and read that there is a way to map them from my house to Tenn. HOW??? and I have seen some maps on the new eaygps how do you do it. Please help.... I use a Merdidian Gold GPS.


What software and what maping program???????



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The easy way is to become a premium member and use the 'find caches along a route' option. With that you use Google earth to route you to your destination, then use that route in a pocket query to select caches along the way.


A lot more difficult way to do it is to use Google Earth with the geocaching KML (see your profile page for a link to that) and just pan Google Earth to your destination and write down the caches you see along the way.

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If you are preparing for a big trip like this, I would recommend that you at least buy a three dollar monthly membership and have the route PQs and PQs for the area you will be in sent to you.


You will be amazed how easy it is to get the information that you desire. As a bonus, you will be able to easily upload the caches to your GPSr and the caches to your pda, if you have one.

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