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Nuvi 660 and GSAK


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I got a Nuvi 660 for Christmas (thanks Santa!).


I'm using GSAK and was wondering if anyone has figured out how to even get GSAK to send waypoints to the nuvi? I get an error every time I try. :laughing:


If GSAK can send waypoints to the nuvi 660, what are:


1) the max number of waypoints the nuvi 660 can accept?

2) the maximum number of characters for a description?

3) the other settings that GSAK uses?



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Member since '03 with a couple hundred finds...we can deduce the Nuvi isn't his only GPS. :-)


The combination of two GPSes (one that stays int he car and a handheld to get you the rest of the way) is very sweet.


But the point isn't lost. Nuvi is very much not an outdoors product

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I also have a GPS in the truck, which stays there. I can see loading caches there for driving directions to them. Mine won't do that, though, it's just a cheap mouse, but I connect it to my Palm for driving directions, and use Cachemate to export the cache waypoints to Mapopolis. Then I take my old, cheap Palm and my Legend out to the caches. I don't take my good T3 out in the wilds, because I don't trust myself.

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Yes, I have a nuvi 660 for just auto navigation to the cache area and then a 60csx to get to the cache. The nuvi stays is the nice dry car where it belongs. :D Up to recently, I was working with TomTom on my T3 for the auto navigation and Cachemate and then an old SporTrak pro for cache finding. It worked good, but these new toys are even more fun.


Here's how you have to build POI categories on the Nuvi:


1. Export GPX files from GSAK

2. Use POI loader to get the exported file on to the nuvi. The POI loader mergers all files in a source directory to a single file called "poi.gpi"

3. You then rename this file to something else. Doesn't matter what. Whatever the original GPX file name was is what will show up on the nuvi.

4. Rinse and repeat for every POI category you want.


A bit tedious. If Clyde could get GSAK to do direct GPI file exports that would be awesome! Took me about 4 hours of research to just understand how to make multiple folders on the Nuvi like "Found caches", "Not Found caches", "xxxx city caches"...


It would also be very cool for GSAK to use the different fields that the nuvi processes to send not only the cache name but also the description. I can't find the main GSAK thread so maybe I'll just email Clyde directly if no one thinks GSAK can do what I'm wanting. B)


I'm surprised no one has figured this out yet ... usually I'm the last to know.


Thanks for any more info or ideas you guys have!




P.S. If you're still using a T3, check out the Proporta aluminum case. Allows you to drop your T3 in the field and still survive (I've tested it several times :D )

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I've had a Proporta metal case as long as I've had my T3, or very near. It's getting a little scratched and worn, from several drops and being in my hip pocket most of the time, but my T3 is still like new. I haven't felt the need to buy new toys yet.


GSAK will be able to work with the Nuvi whenever Robert Lipe makes GPSBabel work with it. That's how GSAK does its work, using GPSBabel behind the curtains. I don't know how high that is on Robert's to do list.

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GPSBabel (and thus GSAK) has worked with Nuvi since its launch - see the post above.


The GPI thing is about custom POIs. Garmin doesn't document the GPI format, I've not been terribly motivated to reverse engineer it, and the benefits over using normal waypoints seem marginal at best for the amount of work involved and the number of folks interested in it.


I'm not saying "never" but it's not exactly causing me lost sleep, either.

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The big advantage for using POI compare to Waypoint is the number you can store on your GPS.


1000 Waypoints

20000 POI


I have all the Geochache for my country in one POI file.


The reason for Garmin to not release the spec on GPI file is that it can contain information of locked product that need an unlock key to work. Like Travel Giude Europe.

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