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Load MapSource with card reader or GPS


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Which is the preferred way to load up a mini SD card with MapSource for a 60csx.

Use a card reader or use the GPS?

Or does it made any difference.


Reader would be faster, but if you do it alot it could theoretically increase physical stress on the card/cardslot from all the activity.


Of course, the same could be said for the USB jack. I usually do it from the USB jack if it's already hooked up for other reasons. In practice it probably doesn't matter much.

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The above answers are correct, but to clarify, a reader will be faster *if* it's a high speed (sometimes erroneously called "USB 2" reader plugged into a high speed USB port. If anything in the chain is full speed instead of high speed, it'd be the same speed as feeding the Garmin through its own port.


Thanks for the correction. I assumed going through the GPS would inflict a bottleneck of some kind. I'm just glad I'm not uploading maps to my serial Legend anymore....

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Which is the preferred way to load up a microSD card with MapSource for a 60csx.

Use a card reader or use the GPS?


One of the nice features of the 60CSx is that it draws power through the USB connection and automatically turns on the backlight, so I prefer to just plug in the GPS via USB. I spare my clumsy fingers from having to transfer that thumbnail sized card back and forth.

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