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Caching with a Treo.... 90


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A while back I remember my dad and my mom opening up their shiny brand new treo 90 Handspring PDAs. At the time the treo 90 was one of the better PDAs of its class and included a handy built in keyboard. Soon after the release of the treo 90 the manufacturer (Handspring) was bought out by Palm. I was curious about if I could use my treo for caching.... but because palm did not continue production accssesories for the treo are few and far between.... any help?


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Well, I am pretty darn newbie, but I am a quick study :ph34r: I have not seen anyone write about interfacing the two, but I have heard it referred to. Typically, and I use a Handspring PDA with Cachmate (and GSAK on the PC) the PC is the common link between the two worlds of PDA and GPSr.


Oh, I'm a HUGE proponent of the Treo. I have a 650 myself. The treo supports Bluetooth and Delorme makes a niftly bluetooth powerpack bundled with Streetatlas software that's handy for GCing and for travel in general - used it on my trip to MN last summer.


http://www.mytreo.net - Which is btw the ultimate resorce for anything Treo - Has a few bluetooth GPSr's for the treo - palm and Windows.


I also use my Treo for checking cache pages. I don't have any cache software o there, I just download and save the cache pages themselves in the Blazer Browser. I'd load cachemate or something similar, but I'm all out of internal memory... :ph34r:


Any questions aobut chaching with a treo, or treos in general, I LOVE to talk treos. Post or PM.



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Im not sure If the items from the link will work.... there is a big difference between the treo 650 and the treo 90




yields as its first real hit:



which has cables for connecting the Treo 90 to garmin gps units. In the absence of GPS brand information I went with the one I use.


Google is good.

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Treo 90 didn't have bluetooth. The SDIO BT adapters are pretty hard to find these days.


I *think* the serial sync cable is the same for the 90, 180, 270, and 6x0 family of products. Those can still be found. You could then attach that to a GPS with serial output via a null modem adapter.


Honestly, if you don't already such a GPS and the cables involved, I doubt you'll find this a cost effective combiation. When a dedicated GPS (one that is waterproof, standalone, can be upgraded to do turn-by-turn maps, has USB, etc.) can be found for $120USD strapping a combination of crotchety cables to tie even a $90 serial unit to your PDA for navigation is just going to be fussy.


My advice would be to get a dedicated GPS and use the 90 for cache pages via plucker, cachemate, or similar tools. Treo 90 - even unactivated - should work well for that. It's not like Palm/OS has exactly been a hotbed of incompatible development.

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