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Query About Pocket Queries

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I've had the same PQ set up for several months, receive an update twice a week. Over the past couple of weeks, it's been including caches I have already found, even though they are supposed to be filtered out. Not ALL the caches I have found---basically just those over the past month. I have checked--- I have logged them, they are are listed on my account and my logs appear in the cache logs. They are included in my cache count. My criteria for the PQ has not changed---it's the same as when I set it up five or six months ago, but this problem is recent. I guess it's not so big a deal, except I don't always remember what I have or have not found, so a couple of times recently, I have found myself pulling up to a spot and saying---hey, wait a minute...! I mostly cache in a local area in between Mom-errands, use a Garmin 60CSx and a Palm m515, so I don't have maps to clue me in. Is anyone else having this problem???

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I have not seen this behavior.


My guess is your pocket query has always returned found caches, but are you using something like GSAK? You might want to check your filters.


Or barring that, edit your pocket query and ensure that the "I haven't found" checkmark is checked. You'll find that in the "That (and)" section.

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Looks like there is a quirk in the system! For the time being, once I have loaded the new PQ into GSAK, I am scrolling thru and deleting the caches I am sure I have already found. Tedious, but I have to do it with puzzle caches as well, although another thread has told me there is a way to filter them out via PQ's...


I won't say I am glad you all are also experiencing this, but at least I know I am not nuts!

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