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Creating a "My not published Waymarks" link

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I think it would be usefull.

I can doa search for my waymarks but, if i want to find a waymark that is not published and is not on the Unfinished Waymarks (if it was declined doesn´t show in this list) i have to check them all to find it.

Or, if the Unfinished Waymarks list would show the declined i think it would be very usefull.

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Yes, that would be nice.


What I've done up to this point for any "declined" waymarks that need something for a "resubmit", or a waymark that's been waiting for approval for over a week, I add a "space" at the front of the title.

Then I can do a search by alphabetical order and they come up first.

Once it's approved, I remove the "space".

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I bet there is an easy way to see them though. There is the green box for unsubmitted, and the strikethrough for declined (I think)


:laughing: The Blue Quasar


I also use the ZZZ on my Database queries at work, but i didnt though about using them here (or spaces). It´s a way of doing things but it´s not a solution. Some sort of search ttrough the waymarks would be nice.


The Green box and the Strikethrough are there but you have to list all the waymarks to find them wich is not practical.


For now i think i´ll use the Spaces or the zzz or something.




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