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Azimuth Marks

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I recently sent my newest catagory to peer review. I hope there will be plenty of support from the Waymarking community.


In the meantime, there is a slight editing bit I wanted people to know about that I didn't get to before I sent the catagory to peer reveiw. I will upon review, expand the Long Description to include some of the explanation included in the Mission Statement for the catagory. The mission statement is as follows:


It will be this groups mission to find, mark and thereby allow people to log National Geodetic Azimuth (Reference) marks.

While they typically look the same, an azimuth mark is slightly different than a NGS Benchmark. Here is the description set forth on Geocaching.com:


Reference (azimuth) marks are for helping to keep the location of triangulation stations (NGS Benchmarks) from being lost. The triangulation station's description has accurate azimuth and horizontal (not slope) distance to each of its reference marks so that it can be re-set from them if necessary. An azimuth mark, together with its associated triangulation station, provides an accurate azimuth (like a compass direction) that is based on true North rather than magnetic North. This azimuth is used to orient local traverse surveys.


While there are some azimuth (reference) marks that CAN be logged on Geocaching.com, most are not listed. This is because they don't have their own PID number. However, almost all NGS Benchmarks have an azimuth mark that is clearly described on the benchmark page to which it belongs; found on Geocaching.com. I have found that most people don't try to find these azimuth marks because you won't get to log a find. Here is where we can change that.


I have found the most rewarding find while hunting for benchmarks is when you find the azimuth. This is because all you have to go by are the directions. The big difference is there is no waypoint to find the azimuth mark; making your find much more difficult (and interesting). Most have found that when finding benchmarks, the coordinates given are rarely what get you to the mark; usually you will have to rely on the description given.


This group will allow those who enjoy finding these marks the reward of being able to log their find; and the hunt will be much easier having the acutual coordinates.


I know this a long read, but I hope to gain support for a positive peer review for the catagory.



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