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TB question


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I was caching today and ran across a TB that was out of the cache. Seems someone dropped it or set it down and forgot it. When I track it it show in possesion of someone else from a few months ago, not even from the cache I found it.

Should I log it as a grab it or get in contact with the person first? Should I get in contact with the person who said they got it from the cache where I found it and see if they want to move it? I haven't seen them log the cache find yet though.




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The person who dropped it didn't sign the log with a name that I can trace, and they haven't logged the find of the cache yet. I did email the person who last had the TB (accoding to the web log) but I haven't heard back from them yet.


If I were in your shoes, and didn't hear back from the person who dropped it - literally! ;) - I think I'd "grab" it, then virtually "drop it' into the cache and retrieve it; that way it would get the miles logged correctly.

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