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Audio Visual for Geocaching


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Jeremy and the team…


Let me toss this out for your consideration… a couple of days ago I was speaking with a couple that had recently joined one of the many RV/Travel-Trailer Clubs that are out there. During the conversation, I commented that one of the things that I enjoy was something called “Geocaching”. The couple had heard about this hobby because someone they knew (another ‘traveler’) had gotten up before the group and had given a talk about this hobby.


Although some are comfortable with ‘public speaking’… a lot of folks are not… So…what do you think of the idea where your Geocaching team puts together a PowerPoint presentation and/or a Video which addresses the delights and challenges of the hobby of Geocaching which could be downloaded as needed?


I see two main advantages… first, you have provided a convenient method for the presenter to download information on the Geocaching topic…. And second… you have the opportunity to ‘control’ the content that is presented. This may be important to insure that the information which is disseminated is both accurate and complete.


In retrospect, I would think that Geocaching and the RV ‘vagabonds’ crowd might quite possibly be ‘made for each other’… they are always going to new places… what better opportunity would there be to check out a few caches along the way.


As with most posts in this forum… I’m sure you will get more view and comments than you need… but I think that providing the resources for a speaker talking about this hobby … has merit…. What are your thoughts on this?





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I realize this isn't your question, but I'd like to let you know a couple of things.


1st, all the RV websites and message boards I frequent already have a lot of geocachers there talking about caching. That's how I fould out about this great hoby/sport/addiction....


2nd... We don't really like the word "vagabond". That connotes a negative image. "Escapees" or "full-timers" is more accepted and appreciated.




Back on topic, Your idea about a PPT is a good one. I'd use it if one were available.

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2nd... We don't really like the word "vagabond". That connotes a negative image. "Escapees" or "full-timers" is more accepted and appreciated.



My apologies disenchanted… it certainly was not my intent to offend with my selection and use of that term. The intended definition was that of the prime definition provided by the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, that being “moving from place to place without a fixed home”.

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