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Username change?


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Usernames are not case sensitive, although they are displayed with the capitalization you entered when you registered; you can type charliezulu,CharlieZulu, or CHARLIEZULU on the login screen, and any combination of upper/lowercase will log you in (they are all considered to be the same username). Unfortunately, this means that you won't be able to re-register a new account using your old username with a different combination of capitol letters, as the website will report that the name has already been taken.

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cz,or should I say CZ? I know of a certain cacher, whom you also know, who successfully changed her name. Perhaps you can e-mail her and find out how she did it. So that she won't be bombarded with requests, you'll recognize her as AA. :unsure:

I doubt that she changed it after the user name lock down. From what I understand, it's a programming issue so it shouldn't have been possible. :unsure:

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