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Murfreesboro Benchmark found?

Big Red Viking
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<_< I was recently visiting Murfreesboro, TN and I found a Benchmark (I think) in the vicinity of Gorilla Freedom Finder, Monkeybrad's Too Cool cache. I logged the coords in my GPS in hopes of finding the listing and getting a two-fer for this trip. Unfortunately I have been unable to find it listed. The disc is brass, set in a concrete post about 18 inches above the ground at coords WGS 84 N35 degrees, 50.637 W086 degrees, 23.779 (+/- 18 feet). Also unfortunately, the disc was badly marred so I was unable to retrieve any detailed info. If anyone has any info for this BM please let me know. It will be greatly appreciated.
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Unless you can decifer the disc enough to at least discover the agency or company that place it, you may be out of luck. Survey discs are commonly placed by railroad and highway dept. surveyors, just to name a couple. Many of these don't report them to a common database, or lose the field records before reporting.


To help get more info, try rubbing it with common baby powder, then lightly rubbing off the top with a rag. Powder will remain in the depressions, hopefully helping you discover something. If it is right alongside the railroad the map showed in the area, perhaps the railroad may know something. If it is near the city street, look along the curb, usually near a corner, and see if the contractor "branded" his work in the concrete. Something may be in their records that they forwarded to the city.


Or....... ask yourself, "Is it worth all the effort?"

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