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Explorist 600+Palm connectivity (plus antenna question)


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Hey all,

I've got a Magellan Explorist 600 and a new Palm m505 (Palm OS 4.1), and would like to be able to connect my GPS to my Palm. I've seen some site that say because the Explorist 600 is USB, you cannot connect it via serial because it would need drivers, and other sites that say the NMEA mode is for that. I've found tons of sites that sell cables specifically for connecting Palm Pilots and GPS', but none of them are for the Explorist series. Can you serial connect a Palm m505 to an Explorist 600 for data transfer FROM the GPS to the PDA? If so, how exactly? I can splice connectors and cables if someone points me in the right directions with pinouts.


Another question while I'm here. Are there any external antennas available for the Explorist 600? I found one at one point from a shady website for $100, but none others. I checked on GPSGeek, but they don't appear to have any for the Explorist series GPS'.


Is the Explorist series just a really cheap series that is relatively unsupported by the industry or what? There doesn't seem to be much in the way of accessories and add-ons for them and their true USB connection.


Any help would be appreciated!


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I don't believe the m505 offers the USB-on-the-go standard. Thus it, like your GPS, is a USB endpoint device and not a USB host. Two USB endpoint devices cannot be connected as you need one host and one endpoint. (Some newer PDAs can be hosts in addition to endpoints.)


As mentioned in the FAQ, there is no external antenna connector on the explorist. To attach an external antenna, you need to shop for reradiating antennas.

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