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Location tag in Waymark list

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Rather minor, and not a rant at any specific group or country.... honest.


While looking at the National Park category I noticed that the 'territory' pattern isn't consistent.


If the Waymark exists in the United States, it shows what State it is in. But if it is another country, that's what we get. So I looked at Libraries to see if it was the same.




It's kinda not fair for other countries to be listed more generically (if that is the right word). Can we get the state or province of the country to show up instead? Or better yet... have USA match the rest of the world and say "America" or "United States"?


:laughing: The Blue Quasar

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why not have it say that the library is in "state/province, country"? and is there not a geographical education aspect to this?


along these lines, when submitting a waymark, can the coords not just be used to discern the geographic location? occasionally i forget to choose a state, and i happen to notice at some point to change it. with all the alerts can there not be some here? at least flag it when the coords do not match the other choices--south carolina coords in alabama, or in the middle of the ocean.

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Ummm, I'm not sure you understood my post.


I always pick Canada for country, and then Ontario for province.


You pick United States for country, and then Georgia for state.


When mine is displayed... it says "Canada"


When yours is displayed... it says "Georgia"


I'm just wondering why that is? Shouldn't it be the same, since we are using the same fields?


:o The Blue Quasar

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i was trying to state that equality is the way to go, and taking it further to display the compound location as well....


when i see ontario, i know it is a province in canada, but this is from my geographical history classes (it's close). other countries, i would not be able to place the information display for other countries. on the waymark page it has the 'state, country' display, why not include this on the other pages too?

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