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Pocket Queries features listed somewhere?

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I plan on signing up, probably for a month at first just to make sure that my setup here will work (No Windows PCs in the house) then cancel and sign up for a non-renewing yearly subscription..


But I'm curious first, is there a description somewhere of how pocket queries can be made? Like I'm curious, can I make a pocket query that ONLY returns results for a specific county in a state, filtering out virtuals, etc?


My ideal setup is that I visit several places in the state so those areas and the roads between I like to pick up all the caches in the neighboring counties, which basically amounts to a big triangle inside of central Kentucky with about 15 counties or so. I'd like to be able to specify each county so I can split up the databases on my Palm so I don't have one HUGE database.


Alternatively, I suppose I could set up perhaps 3-4 PQ's that go out a certain radius, concatenate the results, then use gpsbabel to delete the duplicates. I assume that should work. But I'd still prefer to use mutliple databases.


Any suggestions are appreciated :laughing:

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The best way is to use GSAK (with babel under the hood.) I work wit 7 PQ ( 1 a day )to get all the caches in the Netherlands. All the PQ are the same the only difference is the placingdate. I have chosen the from to dates to get up to 490 caches in one PQ in this way a dont get a overlap. After 1 week all the caches are updated in GSAK. I also have a PQ New caches placed in the last 7 days and A PQ caches updated in the last 7 days. I let them run about 3 times a week. In GSAK I can filter as i want and export that to MS autoroute ( MS Streets and Trips). You can also use the Route system from GC.COM a good help for making PQ you can find here.


My advice is start with simpel PQ to see for your selve if you are doing it right. The most commen failure is that people start with making a lot of choises and dont get any result. Dont pick a day to make a PQ until u are satisfaid. Use the preview option to see if the result is wath u want.


But the best way is to load all the caches u can get in GSAK and than filter as U want. GSAK has a whery hi valua for the money.

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Okay, so not by county, but it should be easy enough to pick 3-4 coordinates and a radius and then filter from there.


I'll check out GSAK, but I believe it's Windows-only.. but I think gspbabel can delete duplicates and maybe split back out into multiple gpx files.. We'll see.


Thanks everyone! Need to get my wife to pay for the membership, she has the Pay Pal account. :laughing:

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