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  1. Personally, if I had started geocaching and 90% of the caches in the area were GRC's every 600 feet, I would have found about 10 and that would have been the end of it. No membership, no continued interest.
  2. Any estimates on when this will be put in place? More and more people keep spamming Highway 127 nearby, tired of the noise..
  3. I apparently fail at searching But the good news is it looks like there's interest in this.
  4. I believe a Power Trail attribute should be added and a publishing requirement for Power Trails. This way people can exclude, or include, them in PQ's. Some people like this sort of thing, I personally think it's spam and clutters my map finding actual caches, not GRCs. Exclusions based on T/D won't work, but an attribute would.
  5. Um. No. >0 is enough eh? I dunno, sometimes it's a week with none, sometimes I see several days in the week with publishes. I cache out of PQ's, so I want the data on hand. Are you running these manually by ticking/unticking boxes? That's what I'm afraid I'll have to do, and really don't want to do as I'll eventually stop doing it and that data will remain old and stale. I already have enough problems with stale data as it is... Since it takes a week to cycle through, I sometimes find a cache I've found or has been archived re-appears in my lists because the PQ for its date range hasn't updated yet and it still has the old data. I might need to tweak my exclusions some more there.. Don't get me started on power trails.... Ugh...
  6. To make sure I have the latest in my direct area, 7 are devoted to one PQ centered at my house that's ran daily... I've thought about reducing it to every other day but I'm avoiding that so far. Then I have 2-3 others for others outside of the area. So the misc ones total 11. 23 in my "Kentucky" group, so leaves 2. Understand about GSAK, but I don't use GSAK, all of this is automated for me as it gets emailed in. And my tablet and phone download the whole enchilada (12m) in the middle of the night and before I go caching or whenever, I'll import the local gpx file or if I'm going to another area I'll import the PQ that covers its area etc.. The KY query gets squished into one big GPX then I take "pieces" of it out to form 5 areas around the state (again, to minimize data in my caching app at a given time even though it can hold thousands easily) and then I have a "rest of the state" gpx of what's left.. Works pretty good for me, and I have a LOT more caches than I did on my old system of attempting to pick a centerpoint and a distance without massive overlap etc... Just running out of PQs.. LOT more being placed than I'm finding, as you noted
  7. Perhaps there's some other way to solve this, but I'm running out of Pocket Queries. I cover my entire state plus a few small areas outside of it which I routinely travel. I cover the state by caches published from the first cache until the query exceeds 500, then I create another one etc.... I'm up to 21 full ones, and my 22nd is already at 60. I exclude my finds, hides, etc. Yes, I could make them 1000, but I won't. When I get the PQ in the email I have procmail scripts which combine all of my GPXes into one file, do some inclusions/exclusions and spits out some nice files for me to use, vs 22+ individual PQ's and having 11,000 caches in my database when I only want the nearby ones most of the time. Of course this system lets me have immediate access to all of the data nearby at any time, I just load a different PQ. Anyway, so back to the feature. I have 2 slots left, and unless we're going to get more slots any time soon (10 a day would be nice) it'd be nice to have PQ's that run every 2 or N weeks. I don't need the really old cache's updating weekly really, but I also don't want to have to manually run them either. Possible? Some other option I'm missing here? Thanks!
  8. Sent from my mobile device. I'm going to start deleting logs. If someone can't be bothered to type a log, why bother to find the cache. Of course the author of the programs that offer this lame default with no forced manual log entry are partly to blame, as probably a lot of these users won't even realize what they're doing. Getting their log deleted with an accompanying note should hopefully educate them.
  9. Glad your phone GPSes work for you all I've had a HTC Tilt, Tilt 2, and a Nexus One, all of them suck for anything that requires sensitivity or accuracy. Day to day stuff, carnav, all fine.. Anywho. And I doubt tje G1 has WAAS. It's a Qualcom chipset.
  10. Weird.. that connector is free. If you want PM me I'll give you a link to it. (Again, free, not warez, just helping facilitate his market weirdness, etc..) How you install it... Depends on your device. Astro might be able to do it.
  11. eh? He's using Degree's Decimal Minutes... Anywho, there was a cacher here in town that managed to do this on about 5 caches... One of them was nearly a 2 mile correction. Now they're geolitter.. Nobody maintaining them, eventually just being archived.
  12. Don't have an EVO, but every GPS I've used in a phone is not very accurate, not sensitive, and highly affected by nearby things (foliage, buildings.... oxygen...) I've hunted using my Nexus One twice, but as soon as I went under foliage, there went the accuracy... Same with my old WM phone, so I used my Bluetooth GPS I've owned since geocaching with my Treo's. Working on convincing some Android SW writers to implement Bluetooth GPS in their programs. GeOrg's author is working on it, but he's limited what he can do so it's not fast going so far, but he is working on it.
  13. I used Geoniche for years, 650, 680, then in StyleTap in Windows Mobile. I've also moved to Android, and I tried many, but GeOrg seems to work the best for me. It processes GPX insanely fast, or you can use the bcaching connector and do on-the-fly caching. This requires setting up pocket queries and forwarding them to bcaching of course, not a difficult thing to get set up at all. For local caches, I just import the GPX. The author is working on Bluetooth GPS support.. Android supports it, but not systemwide.. His problem is that he bought a Bluetooth GPS himself and it didn't work, turns out it doesn't quite use the right protcol or advertise itself as the right type of device, so Android doesn't like it at all.. but he's working on it, and I hope to be able to use my Holux 236 again soon in Android. Built-in GPS on my Nexus One (and all phones) sucks pretty bad.
  14. I haven't seen it mentioned here, one can always create a PQ and put the resulting GPX on the phone. Import that GPX, then in the list of caches use the Sort function to sort the closest. The GPX import can go kinda slow, but once it's in there everything is pretty fast. If you have a GPX with 500 caches, some operations are a little slow, but still faster than some other programs I've used. So you have to have prepared data, but GCzII works as-is just fine. Searching and downloading outside of GPX data hopefully will be fixed soon, but there will be another random change in the HTML to break it again I'm sure.
  15. Good god tell me you're kidding. I wish all skirt caches would be archived.
  16. Urban caches can be done right. Or they can be done very, very wrong. If you just toss some random container under a light skirt or in the bushes, but then rate the cache on the difficulty of actually being able to hunt for it without looking like you're praying on someone, those suck. I am very careful to replace caches where I found them, assuming they look like they should be there. If one is VERY much obviously out of place (on the ground, in plain sight, etc) I'll usually hide it better IF something is obvious and within a few feet and I'll always email the owner. And on top of that, I always make sure nobody sees me take or replace the cache. A really bad urban cache? I just go for it. Someone sees me, who cares. They come over and find the cache and throw it away? I'm sure the owner has another film can to throw in the bushes or under a pole skirt.
  17. I have seen this at least three times personally... Two times when I first started caching and I had a very static list of caches I was working from I found two caches which I discovered upon logging them had been archived for months. Both in the same area, probably same owner. And I apparently placed a cache where a cache used to be, because several folks reported that they found the cache but it was an M&M tube, not an ammo can. At first I was pissed off thinking someone had switched it out, but when I went to check on it the ammo can was still out there, and sure enough about 10 feet away there was a little M&M tube in a tree. Still don't know what the cache name was, but the last log was about 18 months prior.
  18. For Firefox (1.5 higher I believe), you can create a userContent.css file with the following contents to fix the purple links.. You can adjust to your colours, I'm still mucking with it a little myself, but at least my eyes aren't throbbing anymore. Google if you need to find out where this goes on your OS. In Linux, it's ~/.mozilla/firefox/[somerandomprofilename]/chrome/ @-moz-document domain("geocaching.com") { a:visited{ color: #336666 !important; } a:visited:hover { opacity: .6 !important; color: #336666 !important; } } If you use the Stylish extension in Firefox, you can pull in this easily here.. http://userstyles.org/styles/9084
  19. The CSS links must be adjusted.. The pink or purple or whatever it is looks awful. The rest is.... different, but not bad. I'm not a fan of the inventory being at the bottom of the page like several other folks, but my god, the links....
  20. I am just coming from Palm using GeoNiche, and so far I'm honestly not very happy with what I've seen on PocketPC for geocaching, but maybe I'm doing something wrong. When I try to download "From the web" with GeoScout, it tells me it downloaded 0 caches no matter what option I pick (zip code, current coords, etc), although it does seem to be able to download "Full Details" when I load a GPX into it. I have put in my user/pass, and triple-checked it.. Ever seen or heard of that before? Doh. I had installed an ancient 1.2 version. Their website is rather hard to find these days, there's something wrong with their provider or something. I was able to download the latest version from: Which I discovered to work by going to their normal website http://www.navstation.co.uk and looking at the source of the page. So far, if this is top of the line, ugh... Sllloooowwwww. And okay, where can you add a new cache/waypoint/etc!? *sigh* GeoNiche has this beat 100 ways over.
  21. I am just coming from Palm using GeoNiche, and so far I'm honestly not very happy with what I've seen on PocketPC for geocaching, but maybe I'm doing something wrong. When I try to download "From the web" with GeoScout, it tells me it downloaded 0 caches no matter what option I pick (zip code, current coords, etc), although it does seem to be able to download "Full Details" when I load a GPX into it. I have put in my user/pass, and triple-checked it.. Ever seen or heard of that before?
  22. I tend to browse around at local caches, seeing last logs etc, when I'm having a little down time or taking a break at work etc... today I see this log in one of our local caches: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...56-8a428b04e22d Does this seem like spam to you guys? Maybe the idea is okay, but it seems too tied into the commercial website from which it is hosted.
  23. khaytsus

    Maps on Palm

    Thanks for the suggestion; I'll have to explore it. Earthcomber is also a free mapping program which you can use for Geocaching. The only problem is that you have to take a GPX file and import it into the website, put the locations into a group, then load that group into the Palm via their Earthcomber Updater program. It's not a bad program or process, just a little tedious. I purchased TomTom for navigation, and now I use it for finding caches and if necessary, looking at the map of nearby caches, as one can very easily convert gpx to a file that TomTom sees as POI's.
  24. I never seem to have a good excuse for it.. I've had people mostly make indirect statements, like "Should you be here?" and "Maybe you shouldn't be here". I did get asked once if everything was okay while walking down the side of a road by someone, so that was cool. There was no pulloff for about 300 feet from the cache, so had to walk along the grass a bit. I've heard of local cachers being accused of dumping trash at a spot. Which doesn't make much sense, since he was in a car parked nearby, walking, and nothing with him to dump.
  25. The non-free copies don't let you create new installs... IE, it's a player for existing installations. That works great if you're playing a installation of a free operating system because it's legal to distribute those. But it doesn't work if you want create a windows installation (since no one can legally give you an already installed one). VMWare Server certainly does let you create installs, unless they've changed this in the last 3-4 weeks. I have it installed on my Linux laptop at home and two machines at work. It doesn't have as many features as VMWare Workstation, but it works fine for what I need. I've installed a variety of Windows OSes into it for test purposes at work and a single XP image on my personal laptop so I can check email at work from home.
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