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Relocated Structures Group Needs Officers

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Still need at least one more officer.


I've noticed this category is pretty restrictive, as it currently states "from one country to another".


This might be a good category to re-write to allow any structure that has been moved, such as a house moved to a different part of town (or another town).


The category also states "house", but the title says "structures" .... I would also suggest allowing structures to the category. For instance, my hometown has a steel arch that spans a downtown street. This arch was moved in the 1920's from another town, 45 miles away. It's a structure, and it was relocated.


Comments appreciated.

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yes, i thought this LC was cool, but also quite restrictive.


relocated is relocated....here in town is a house that was built here, moved to another town, and moved back. hows that for relocation? what about a variable for movement from country to country, state to state (or the 'world' equivilent), and city to city?


and then: what about the house down the street from me that burned down, and in at the start of this week, another structure (a log house) was moved in from an unknown location? how is this movement to be documented, in the absence of an article/plaque?


dont forget London Bridge which is in Arizona (isnt that where it is)?


ill be your officer, but dont expect too much work from me.....

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I would put in at least some distance requirement of the move. Even if the distance is relatively small like 2 km or something, it would be better than no requirement. I moved a shed from one side of my yard to the other a few weeks ago, I would not want that type of relocation listed ;) I would also require at least an approximation of where the building was located before. London Bridge is a good example a structure, now located in Lake Havasu City,Arizona.

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