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After returning from a trip earlier this week, I finally logged my first waymarks including some photos I'd taken. I must have felt inspired post-midnight, because I wrote lengthy logs for at least two waymarks. Doesn't it always sound great at the time? :anitongue: I did perform some quick edits, but when I returned to check out my logs today, I noticed that I should have proofread more carefully on at least one log.


That's where the minor problem exists. When I tried to edit the log, I received a message stating that edits can't be performed more than one hour after being posted, though they can be deleted. It's no big deal since I doubt too many will be reading my log, but it does appear to contradict the information in the Waymarking FAQ section concerning logs: "If you decide afterwards to upload an image or edit your log you can always return later to do so."


Just wondering if the FAQ info needs to be clarified by including the one-hour limitation or if the editing policy should be changed?

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