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Mobile Cache "fast Forward" Coming To Sweden


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Heja Sverige!


Mobile cache GCKTK0 "Fast Forward" will hit the Swedish border on Sunday, 16th July near Helsingborg. We will stay in Sweden until August 3rd.


Scroll down the cache listing for English description.

You can log the cache by taking a picture with your GPSr or by signing the physical log book. Of course you can do both, if you like.


We plan to travel to Abisko/Sarek/Stora Sjofallet area via Karlstad and Vilhelmina. The way back to continental Europe is not fixed yet, but likely we will go via Luleå, Höga Kusten and Ystad area.


So if Fast Forward appears in your area, feel free to visit us and have a cup of coffee and log a really unique cache! I don't know of another moving cache transmitting its current coordinates through the internet.

But please don't disturb at night! :grin: In fact, most coordinates at night will be bogus.

There will be some very exotic Geocoins in the cache. Some of them you can discover, other ones will be released in Sweden.


Or, maybe we meet on accident at some swedish cache. We are really looking forward to caching in Sweden. :)

Beware of the red Transporter! :)


Ha det bra!


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Oh no, he's doing it again! :D

22.07.2011 Malmö

23.07.2011 Örebro GC2X89J

24.07. - ca. 05.08.2011 Finland

ca. 06.08. - 12.08.2011 Gällivare -> Malmö





Additional hint:

It's white now.


What's this?! In 2006 I started this topic in the Swedish forum.

Things that make me go "hm?" :blink:


@ Moderator: Please move this topic back to Sweden. Thank you.

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