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Is Software Necessary?

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I'm a neebie and soon plan to purchase my first GPS. I am planning to buy a Garmin Etrex Legend. Do I have to purchase software or does some come on it? It says basemaps are on it - are they not enough?


Thanks for the help!



Typically, base maps provide major roadways and towns. Anything small or rural tend not to be included. The software you get for your GPS (which is proprietary by brand), will add to it. Do you need it? No. Will it help? As you get more involved with this sport, yes.

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Basemaps are pretty worthless. If you want to use the GPS as a roadmap you will have to buy maps for it, typically on the order of $80-100.


You don't need any maps to geocache though, just something that tells you how far and in what direction to go. :laughing:

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