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Caching In Greece

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like every year we are going to spend our summer holidays in Greece.

First we visit our friends in Athens. So we are looking for some caches there. Later we go on to Levos.


I have a question: How spreaden is geocaching in Greece. How many people practice it? Is there a greek webside like geocaching.de for Germany?


Perhaps sombody places another cache on Levos (Lesbos) :lol: , we'll try to find it. I promise ;) .


We love Greece :tired: !


PS: My first cache was in Greece :laughing: .

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Hello Starf,


You will find many geocaches in Athens and it suburbs so make sure you stay a couple of days extra :blink:


Lesvos has 5 caches. Have a look at http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.asp...7&lon=26.215567


Currently there is no local site for geocaching apart from this forum section. We are about 20 active Geocachers in Greece and few of us met at the 2nd geocaching 2006 meeting in May.


Enjoy your holidays.



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Thanks, half of my caches were in Athens :blink: .


Only 20? That's not much! Especialliy in Greece you can find millions of places where nobody is and you can hide perfektly a cache.

Perhaps you should do some advertisement :blink: .



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...Perhaps you should do some advertisement :rolleyes: .


:) We will do something good for advertising very soon! Please wait for the announcement.

These days, when the plan is completed, I will be in contact with Groundspeak... :rolleyes: .

I am just waiting for the final dates. In our next Geocaching meeting, we 'll talk about the details.



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