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Athens Cache Congestion

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Hey geocaching buddies!


I think that the area of the Athens center is a little bit congested as far as geocaching is concerned. Look at this image:



21 caches within a half-hour walking distance.


Given the small crowd of greek geocachers I think that we overdid it. I am not saying that we have done something wrong. On the contrary Yannis, Dimitris, Sergios etc have done a great job promoting geocaching in Greece. However, foreign geocachers are overwhelmed by the Athens caches and tend to ignore the caches located in the suburbs.


Anyway that is my feeling having seen the visits that my two caches at Kifissia have been getting the past months and I thought I should share it with you. Has anyone seen if other cities around the world have similar situations?


Best Regards,



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I dissagree with Zakis and SerZ at some points.

Zaki, the walking distance of the points of the caches at the center of Athens is not thirty minutes.

If you mean the motor-biking distance maybe you could search for them, and log half of them !

But if you try to walk from point to point all these caches it is far more than half an hour...


SerZ, initially geocachers place caches near their houses, for maintenance reasons.As times passes by and they "fill" their areas with caches, they start to place at further places and it goes on...

So the question for anyone is not to place caches at the northern suburbs, but to place caches near their home area first.


On the other hand, I am really happy that there are creative geocachers who help this game to stay alive by placing new caches.


On the question of Zakis, at the only foreign country that I have visited as a geocacher, I found out that the touristic spots of the city tend to monopolize the interest of geocachers.To be more specific, I was in Egypt last February and at the city of Cairo with the millions of population, the only ONE cache that you can find, and this is a virtual one, is at the area of Giza, where the Pyramids are located...no other caches at Cairo...there are few caches in the desert but you have to rent a car to go and find them...

So the touristic places magnetize geocachers in Egypt.

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