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I currently live about 3/4 of a mile from the border of Wisconsin and Minnesota, and do an equal amount of caching in each state. Since my eXplorist 600 only allows so many caches per file, I've used GSAK to set filters to group my caches I have downloaded. How I've done it so far is I just set a mile radius from my home for my filters. EX: My first file is 0 - 20 mile radius. Second file is 20 - 30 mile radius. Etc..... This has worked out great for moving all the caches onto my GPSr, but now I have another problem I'd like to take care of. Since I live on the border, and a river separates the two states, there are only so many bridges you can go across. SO....when I go to "goto geocache nearest to position", a lot of the time it pulls up caches on the opposite side of the river that I would need to drive 5 - 10 miles out of the way to get to the bridge to cross.


SO! With that said, I'd like to continue setting up GSAK with a radius search from my home, but I'd like to separate them by state. I'd like all the WI caches in certain files, and all the MN caches in others. Is there a way in GSAK to separate caches by state? Thanks for the help!

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